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Writing with Mastiff in Lap = Not Writing

I have a few favorite writing places at home--my office/library, the living room, and the bench by the pond. This was a day for the big chair at the end of the couch, which is wide enough for one of the 70-pounders (Billy and Lola) to sit beside me and not interfere with the laptop, or crowd my elbows so that I can't really write. Nimue, on the other hand is a 120+ pound Neapolitan Mastiff. Today she climbed aboard the chair, and I just managed to move my laptop before she sat on it and rewrote a chapter or something.

Exhibit 1. Pinned down, I decide to take a break. Nimue seems a bit put out, don't you think?

Exhibit 2. Nimue wants to know what my problem is. She expresses this with drool and loud sniffs that tickle.

Exhibit 3. Sometimes it's just best to give up and take a selfie.

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